MINGO JUNCTION, Ohio (WTRF) A shots fired incident led to three arrests in Mingo Junction.

Police were called to the area of Standard and Lincoln Avenue on Friday, July 8th at 7:51 PM for a report of several individuals actively fighting and one individual possibly possessing a firearm.

Mingo Junction Police say they immediately responded to the area requesting assistance from area law enforcement agencies, due to the report of one of the individuals possibly being armed with a firearm.

The responding officer had no contact with any individuals actively fighting.

Police say a bullet hole was later located in an occupied residence in the area.

Police say witness accounts also state several juveniles were in the area during the incident, but none of the juveniles were injured.

The alleged victim of the incident was later located and interviewed, declining to identify any of the alleged males pursuing him.

On Saturday, July 9th Mingo Junction Police Officers say they made several follow-up investigations, and several persons of interest were developed and later identified. Officers said they later located and interviewed those persons of interest.

They conducted another follow-up investigation with the alleged victim, police say he denied any illegal activity committed by himself and claimed he was the victim of a random attack on himself.

The victim also stated, according to investigating officers, that one of the chasing males had a firearm and described the firearm, as well as hearing a “shot” being fired while he was attempting to run away
from the pursuing males.

Those taken into custody on pending charges are identified as:

Joseph Rees

Joseph Reese, 25 years of age of Mingo Junction, Ohio was charged with 1 count of felonious assault, felony of second degree; 1 count of improper discharging a firearm. felony of second degree: 1 count
of tampering with evidence, felony of third-degree.

Joshua Rees

Joshua Reese, 32 years of age of Rayland, Ohio was charged with 1 count of aggravated menacing.

Skyler Haines

Skylar Haines, 20 years of age of Mingo Junction, Ohio was charged with 1 count of robbery. felony of second degree: 1 count of robbery, felony of third-degree; 1 count theft of drugs, felony of
fourth degree.

All three are in the Jefferson County Jail.

They will be arraigned Wednesday, July 13th.

Mingo Junction Police Department, The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, Martins Ferry Police Department, and all witnesses and citizens who provided information, assistance, and cooperation were a big help in this investigation.