Wintersville’s newest K-9 is ready for duty! K-9 Rexy and Patrolman Justin Barbetta were recently certified last week after 5 weeks of training in Warren, Ohio with Tri-State K-9 Services.

Rexy is a one and a half year old Belgian Maliniois from the Netherlands.

His first day on the road was Sunday, and he was dispatched to a call. At the stop Rexy alerted on a vehicle and found marijuana, needles and other drug paraphernalia.

Officials say they couldn’t be more pleased with Rexy’s performance already and all the things he’s going to do for the village, county and beyond.

“He’s such a good dog. I put my trust in him. He alerted on that vehicle immediately. I mean, it shows a lot of good things for the future. Get a lot of drugs off the street for the community here.”

Ptl. Justin Barbetta – K9 Handler

“This K9 is going to be a huge tool and helping keep everybody safe. So, you know, just giving what you can we’re not asking for a volunteer. Could be a dollar to $1,000, but every little bit helps and it helps everybody in the community stay safe.”

Mayor Mike Petrella – Wintersville

If anyone wants to donate to their K9 program you can the village website or stop in at the Village Building.

When asked if there are more K-9s in the departments future, officials say it’s not off the table.