It’s a historic piece of Wintersville history along Main Street that’s being preserved by a new generation.

Students at Jefferson County Christian School and Indian Creek High School are re-doing a mural that is right below the Wintersville Methodist Cemetery.

The new design will spell out Wintersville and be surrounded by purple flowers.

Each letter will highlight the schools mascots and other things special to the people in the area.

“This mural has a lot of symbolism, so in each letter we’re putting a different thing in it that represents Wintersville and then we have the city’s flowers spread across the wall and then towards the end of the wall we’re going to have something to represent the Veterans that are not longer with us.”

Joslynn Latynski – JCCS Senior

“We’re also going to be keeping the former students that did it in 1993 we’re going to be keeping their names on that side of the wall and the students this year will be putting their names on this side of the wall. Showing some respect to the past and hope to brighten the future here.”

Mayor Mike Petrella – Wintersville

The outline of the mural will be done this week and students are set to paint the inside of the letters late summer or early fall.