It was a packed house Friday, as state, county and local officials attended an event welcoming TCL of India to Marshall County.

TCL’s chairman assured everyone that the products and the process will be safe, as they open two separate chemical manufacturing facilities near New Martinsville.

Indian firm opening two new manufacturing plants in Marshall County with 250 jobs

TCL has been in the business in India for 33 years.

They say one product they make is used in more than a thousand food products.

They say they are not preservatives and they aren’t dangerous.

They’ll locate in the Covestro Industrial Park where officials say they share the same priorities.

“Safety, sustainability and a partner in the community,” said Jay Leap, Covestro site manager. “And I can tell you, after working with TCL, they are committed to those.”

The jobs, described as good-paying, will vary.

They say 95% of the employees will be hired from the Ohio Valley, with 50 full time and 200 construction jobs being created.

“They’re gonna be looking for some very basic skills all the way up to engineering and professional skills,” said Josh Jefferson, president of the Regional Economic Development Partnership.

Marshall County Schools officials say they are ready to prepare students who want to be employed there.

“At Marshall County Schools, we have 18 different programs in career and technical education,” said Bob Wilson, director. “A lot will seque right into the opportunities they have at TCL.”

The plants are supposed to open for business in 2024.