With baby boomers retiring, trades workers are starting to be in short supply.

Trades are a viable career path to consider. That includes carpenters, masons, ironworkers, electricians and more.

And young people are not going into the trades. So there are fewer skilled trades workers out there.

Financial expert Jason Haswell says young people need to realize that college is not for everyone, and consider the trades as a viable career path.

Haswell says you get paid while you’re an apprentice. And you can end up with a good career.
And you don’t have a lot of student loans to pay off. He says, depending on your aptitudes, it may suit you better than college.

“The jobs pay more. They have great hourly rates, they are good jobs over the long period of time. They contribute to the economy in an amazing way. They help build infrastructure so it’s good for everyone and you make a great wage doing it. So maybe some of the people that are going to college and incurring all this student debt would be better served to go to one of these trades.”

Jason Haswell, Managing Director, The Monteverde Group