“My name is Jesus Marin, 44, from West Virginia….and I’m not your normal teacher.”

Senor Jesus Marin teaches Spanish at John Marshall High School in Glen Dale, West Virginia.

For the past 20 years, students in Marshall County have benefited from his enthusiastic and colorful classroom style.

He is well known for his choice of footwear as he can often be seen roaming the halls in very fashionable high-heeled shoes.

He says that while some people may find it weird, he uses it as a platform to spread awareness of different cultures and authenticity.

But now he is ready to show off a different set of skills on the “Survivor” reality TV show stage.

“I want to challenge myself in ways that I never experienced in my life. I believe I’m a very social person, so I also want to see where my social skills and life experience will take me in the game.”

Jesus Marin. John Marshall High School Spanish Teacher “Survivor” show Applicant

Marin says he feels he has a great shot of making the show and we all wish him the best.