Kennywood announced new security measures to its park after three people were shot over the weekend.

  • Increased Police Support: In addition to our security team, we are doubling the number of police officers contracted through local law enforcement agencies for each night of Phantom Fall Fest. There will be a more visible police presence at the entrance and throughout the park. Kennywood leadership will be more clearly visible in uniform red jackets, as well.
  • Perimeter Enhancements: Park teams have cut down trees along the fence line bordering Route 837 to improve sight lines. New flood lights and security cameras are being installed for better monitoring, and ongoing security patrols in that area will increase significantly.
  • Chaperone Policy Updates: Guests age 17 and under must be accompanied by an adult at least 21 years of age (with valid ID) to enter the park at all times during Phantom Fall Fest.
  • Park Entrance Policies: With the weapons detection system working as designed since its installation this spring, the park’s prior screening system has been removed to eliminate guest confusion. New signage is being installed to inform guests they are entering a security screening area. Though the new system is able to screen bags and individuals via cameras and metal detection to identify those in need of further inspection, we will implement additional spot checking of bags as a precautionary measure.
  • New Bag Policy: Only bags within the dimensions of 8” x 5” x 1”, as well as medical and diaper bags, are permitted.
  • Facial Coverings: Masks that cover some or all of a person’s face are not permitted to be worn by any guest after 6 p.m. The only exceptions are surgical masks or N95/KN95 masks as recommended as a precaution against COVID-19. If masks of this nature are worn, they must be free from additional coverings including but not limited to fake blood, makeup or coloring.

During the press briefing, Kennywood demonstrated their security system, Evolv.

When someone goes through, Evolv, with a weapon, lights go off, and a photo is sent to a tablet highlighting the area where the weapon is.

Officials at the park said there was no security glitch the night of the shooting. The park has also removed metal detectors and will only be used as a backup plan.

The park will now have twice the number of police officers, with trees being cut along the fence line with lights added.

Kennywood’s new chaperone policy will go into effect at noon, officials said. The new chaperone policy includes signing your name if you have more than four kids with you.