STEUBENVILLE, Ohio (WTRF) A new display will be joining the Nutcracker Village this year!

A personal collection of more than 350 Nativity scenes is calling the Robinson Music Company Building on North 4th Street home for the holiday season.

George Dvorsky is a renowned Broadway performer and has been collecting nativity sets for the last 45 years worldwide.

He says he has always had a passion for Nativity scenes ever since he was a kid.

Dvorsky got his first Nativity in Kentucky and his favorite is the one his mom crocheted.

“I woke up one Christmas morning and there was a box under the tree that said, ‘To George, From Santa’. So she had crocheted this whole thing, which is great. I have one that is sea pods. They are all from the ocean and they are all glued together to make little figures. I have a coke bottle one. I see these as works of art. To see what an artist can do with a story, and how they interpret it. I think that’s fascinating.”

George Dvorsky – Nativity Collector/Broadway Actor

The large collection has been on display in Dallas Texas, Bethlehem Pennsylvania, and now Steubenville.

The Nativity collection will be open to the public from November 21st through January 7th.