(WTRF) – Shell’s Falcon Ethane Pipeline System is under investigation due to issues that could pose threats to public safety, workers and natural resources.

They are building the pipeline that connects the Markwest plant in Cadiz to the cracker plant in Monaca, Pennsylvania.

Recent documents reveal questions of non-compliance with construction, public safety requirements and alleged cover-ups.

The group Concerned Ohio River Residents, or CORR, says the Falcon Pipeline has already contaminated this region’s water by spilling 250,000 gallons of drilling fluid in Pennsylvania and Ohio, and the pipeline isn’t even operational yet.

Now, both sides of the issue are weighing in.

With these whistleblower reports of incompliance and a history of cover-ups and other issues, it simply demonstrates that 1) Locals care especially about our health, our safety and our environment. And 2) Until and unless the industry takes our safety and environment and health as seriously as we do, these projects need to be suspended and we need to transition.

Vincent DeGeorge, Community Advocate, CORR

We have been paying attention to that for the last number of days now, but it’s my understanding that that investigation has been taking on for quite a while. And thus far, and not surprisingly, because of the company’s commitment, and I would argue unwavering commitment, to safety. They have not found anything wrong with that pipeline.

Mike Chadsey, Ohio Oil & Gas Association

Curtis Smith of the Shell Falcon Pipeline released the following statement:

Our commitment to the safe construction of the Falcon pipeline is unwavering. The robust design and installation has been supported by numerous inspections. The pipeline meets or exceeds all safety standards and regulatory requirements..

Curtis Smith, Shell Falcon Pipeline