(WTRF) – While some of us love the fall season for the pumpkin-spiced drinks, fall décor, and cool crisp breezes, there are others who love it because it also marks the start of “spooky season.” 

Halloween will be here before we know it and haunted houses are already gearing up for scares.  

Wells Township Haunted House is helping a 12-year-old boy from Louisiana fulfill his dream of going through a haunted house in a unique way.  

Brady Larson is 12 years old, lives in Louisiana, and loves everything about Halloween.  

He suffers from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), one of the most severe forms of inherited muscular dystrophy.  

There is no known cure for this life-threatening disease and many patients do not live past their 20s due to muscular weakness.  

After Brady’s mom learned about his heartbreaking condition, she made him a bucket list.  

One of his wishes is to go through a haunted house but many are NOT accessible for him.  

So, his mom made a post on Facebook asking for help.  

Without her knowing, one of her friends reached out to an investigative team about the post and it went viral.  

The post made its way here to the Ohio Valley when a volunteer from Wells Township Haunted House was tagged.  

“His biggest wish was that he wanted to go to a haunted house. And I’m like, okay, we’ve got to make this happen. Obviously, that’s important. So, then I find out he’s in Louisiana and I’m like, okay, well, that makes it a little bit more difficult, but let’s see what we can do. So, I reached out to his mom travel plans just weren’t possible.” 

Taylor Norman | Volunteer, Wells Township Haunted House

So, Taylor had an idea. Why not ask other haunted houses for help?  

She posted about Brady in a few haunted house groups asking them to consider sending him merch, character videos, decorations, and anything Halloween-related.  

She only expected a few to reach out but ended up astounded by the heart of the haunt community. 

“I have to be close to 100 different haunted houses that have reached out at this point that are sending him hoodies, t shirts, sweatpants, hats, many different things.” 

Taylor Norman | Volunteer, Wells Township Haunted House

The love and kindness Brady has gotten from haunted houses all over the country has left him and his family amazed and thankful.  

“I really honestly didn’t expect it to go this far. Only put it on my Facebook. Y’all help me get Brady into a haunted house. I’m amazed that all of the wonderful people it’s just – wow. So, it took off from there. Now it’s been you know, there’s so many wonderful people in this world.” 

Sherry Larson | Brady’s Mom

To read more about Brady or donate, please visit his GoFundMe website.

If you’re interested in sending him some Halloween items, please reach out to Taylor Norman at her email address: taylor.norman17@gmail.com.