BROOKE COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) A four-legged member of the Brooke County Sheriff’s Department is in need of the community’s help.

Back in early September, K9 Kane was injured during training.

Kane was jumping a fence when his right rear paw got stuck in one of the chain links of the fence.

His body continued over the fence while his back paw was stuck on the other side.

He was rushed to an emergency vet clinic and was later taken into surgery to repair his two torn knee ligaments.

K9 Kane’s Handler, Sergeant Devin Baker says they are asking for the community’s help in continuing the care for Kane’s rehabilitation.

“Any K9 unit is a very expensive unit for a department to take on. Between the cost of the dog, the training required to maintain it and all the equipment associated with it, large injuries like this are very unforeseen expense put on the department, something that’s not budgeted for. So the community’s help is greatly appreciated in offsetting that cost. Brooke County is assisting the best they can. However, we do require some community help.”

Sgt. Devin Baker – K9 Handler Brooke County Sheriff’s Department

Sgt. Baker says Kane is an asset to the county.

In his career, Kane has assisted with calls in Brooke, Hancock, and Jefferson Counties.

He’s apprehended numerous suspects and aided in getting narcotics off the street.

If you would like to donate to Kane’s rehabilitation you can do so on his GoFundMe page.

Or you can purchase a $20 K-9 Kane T-shirt.

To get one you can contact any Brooke County deputy or there’s an order form at front security desk in the courthouse.

Kane’s been off work for about a month now and has been casted up since his surgery.

Sgt. Baker says they are planning to start rehab in two weeks and hoping to be back on the road working in mid to late November.