DILLONVALE, Ohio — A Dillonvale man is facing serious charges after going on a rampage in a violent domestic disturbance on Sunday, October 15.

Officials with the Jefferson County Prosecutor’s Office told the 7News partner the Herald-Star that Jonathan Gregory Kubacki, 41, was charged with domestic violence after he violently attacked his girlfriend and destroyed their home.

According to the report, Kubacki was screaming obscenities and throwing beer bottles and numerous other items at the woman, as well as exposing himself to the victim’s sister.

Sheriff’s deputies reported that the victim was “visibly upset” when they took her report and was
covered in bruises with a large knot on her head. She told deputies that she and her sister had a “girl’s day” after Kubacki left to visit family members. She says that he became enraged when he got home.

It is reported that she went to bed to de-escalate things but was woken up by Kubacki for talking in her sleep. She told deputies that was one of the things he gets irritated with.

After attempting to sleep on the floor, she eventually got up to play a game on her phone in the bathroom, but Kubacki allegedly followed her in, breaking her phone and slamming her on the floor. She told officers that her head bounced off of the bathtub.

She reported that Kubacki then ripped the cable box out of the wall, which caused the TV to fall on her. He then ripped drawers out of the kitchen cabinets, throwing them at her. He also allegedly took knives from the block on the counter and threw them at her as well.

She told officers that he grabbed her dog by the collar and threw it against the wall, “then repeatedly kicked and punched it” after the dog bit him on the arm to protect her. It is reported that after the incident, the dog has not been able to stand and yelps when touched.

According to the story, she got on top of the dog to protect it and was eventually able to get up off of the floor, picking up debris so the dogs wouldn’t get hurt. She says she had a knife in her hand when Kubacki charged at her again.

The report from the deputies says that Kubacki punctured his throat with the knife when he attempted to attack his girlfriend.

Prosecutors told Herald-Star that the girlfriend was not facing charges.

According to deputies, the girlfriend’s sister reported that she had gone to the residence to get her sister and the dogs to safety, and was confronted by Kubacki, who yelled obscenities and threw items at her. She saw a decent amount of blood on Kubacki and asked if he was okay. In answer, he exposed himself to her.

When deputies arrived at the residence, they had to push debris and broken items out of the way to enter the home, they reported that all the rooms had been destroyed.

Deputies say that when they tried to speak with Kubacki, he was very intoxicated, fading in and out of awareness, but he did claim his girlfriend stabbed him. He told deputies he had been drinking all weekend and couldn’t remember when the incident took place.

He was then transported to East Ohio Regional Hospital for treatment.