A local police department has outgrown their current home and the Township Trustees have found a better building to ensure the future of the department and so much more.

The Wells Township Trustees Offices and the Police Department are getting a new home.

But it’s not too far!

The Trustees were offered the old elementary building off of Third Street from the Buckeye Local School Board.

Chief Sean Norman says this is a much needed upgrade as their current building is deteriorating.

“You come in, you look around it’s rundown. We could spend the money to upgrade that or spend less and upgrade here and get into a newer, better situation.”

Chief Sean Norman – Wells Township Police Department

Chief Norman says in their headquarters now, they are also not currently in compliance with the mandates and guidelines.

He says this new building will allow for better interviewing practices, have video and audio capabilities, and have evidence integrity.

“That’s very important. Controlled access to different portions of the police station, upgraded security options that we don’t have. We’ve outgrown it, not just the police department but the township as a whole. It’s not conducive to what we are trying to do.”

Chief Sean Norman – Wells Township Police

The Trustees will be working hand in hand with the School Board with the property.

And the school will still be using the old football field for recess.

The total cost of the project over several years for the repairs and upgrades is about $200,000

That will come out of two – three budgets and it will be done in phases.

Trustee Ben Batenburg says they have out grown their current building and they couldn’t pass up this great opportunity to move to this new building.

“The location is just excellent, it’s right next to our elementary school, the police department will be there, it’s within 500 feet of our fire department for emergencies. We’re 30 seconds away if anything would to happen, the police presence is right here.”

Ben Batenburg – Wells Township Trustee

Batenburg says the possibilities are endless with this space and they hope many businesses will utalize it in the future!

The plan is to have the Police department and Trustees offices moved in fully by the end of the year.

And while they are working out of there, the other phases will continue, which include building a garage bay for their cruisers.