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Marshall County Man Charged With Alleged Sexual Abuse At Moundsville Walmart; Fired From Job

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July 04 2021 08:00 pm

(WTRF)- A Moundsville man is being charged with sexual abuse after he allegedly inappropriately touched a female customer in the Moundsville parking lot.

A police report from Moundsville police says that the woman told officers that an employee at Walmart grabbed her ‘vagina’ in the Moundsville Walmart parking lot.

The female told Moundsville police that she went to Walmart to grab a few things and came back out noticing that she lost her keys.

The female says in the report that a Walmart employee, Nicholas Ostrander, walked out after her when she went in to try to locate her keys and advised Ostrander that she was fine and he could leave.

According to the report by the female, she then bent over to look inside her car for her keys and that’s when Ostrander grabbed the victims ‘vagina.’

Police then said they went to Walmart and recieved camera footage of the incident.

Ostrander met with police for an interview of the incident he mentions in the report that he remembers the female victim losing her keys and that she asked him for assistance to find them.

Ostrander also told police this was at the end of his shift and he went in and outside the store to help the female look for her keys.

In the report, it says Ostrander told police that he did bump into the female’s outer thigh area while helping locate the keys.

Police say that Ostrander said that this was accidental and he was trying to get past the female and immediately apologized to the female and that he went home after the incident.

A few days later, police asked Ostrander to come to the station for a polygraph.

During the polygraph pretest interview police say Ostrander advised the female was bent over and he tried to get around her and his arm accidently bumped into the females backside ‘upper leg or butt area.’

Police say during the polygraph examination Ostrander was asked two questions: Did you touch that girl on purpose?’ and “Did you touch that girl on purpose at Walmart?’

Moundsville PD says that Ostrander said ‘no’ to both questions and that the results of the polygraph showed signs of indicative of deception while answering the questions.

During the post-test interview, police explained to Ostrander that it is believed he did have sexual contact with the female and that Ostrander could not have accidentally touched her due to the deception showed on the polograph.

The report then says Ostrander admitted that he touched the female ‘on her butt’ on purpose with his back hand. Ostrander told police he wanted to see how it felt and he was attracted to the female.

The police report also says Ostrander was ‘testing the waters’ to see if the female liked it when he touched her butt, but, he would have waited to get to know her more before advancing anymore sexual manners.

After learning about the report, 7News reached out to Walmart for comment on the incident and Walmart said “This associate has been terminated and we are cooperating with local law enforcement.

Stick with 7News for any updates.

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