(WTRF)- During his Tuesday briefing, West Virginia Governor Justice acknowledged the ongoing situation at the Northern Regional Jail.

7News has had anonymous sources, including inmates, current and former employees tell us that the stabbing that occurred on June 3 was bound to happen, and could lead to an incident where staff could be seriously injured.

‘Well, all I can report to you is just this, I’m aware of the situation there, I’m aware of the overpopulation situation and our corrections folks are doing a full investigation into what happened, and as soon as they conclude that investigation they’ll report it to me and we’ll report it to everyone. Full transparency. Full disclosure. That’s what we do every time.’

Gov. Jim Justice

A day after the stabbings, June 5, at the Northern Regional Jail, the state of West Virginia issued a statement:

Inmate population levels remain a challenge throughout the regional jails system. While this was an issue before COVID-19, the precautions and safeguards established in response to the epidemic have greatly restricted transfers among facilities and otherwise heightened this challenge.

As previously noted, population levels have improved at NRJ in recent weeks. This promising trend has extended to this week; the count there as of this morning was 411. About the same portion as before are pretrial defendants, and so subject to bail and other relevant decisions by magistrates or circuit judges.

State Of West Virginia

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