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Officials issue a warning during Lightning Safety Week


Monday is the beginning of Lightning Safety Week.

There are 25 million lightning strikes in the United States every year. An average of 47 Americans die every year from being struck by lightning.

That’s why the National Weather Services says “when thunder roars, go indoors.”

At the Belmont County EMA, officials advise whether you’re in the pool, on the golf course or in the garden, don’t stay out in open spaces when a storm is coming and get away from tall objects than can draw lightning.

“Any type of trees, any type of tall objects, poles, metal objects that can attract the lightning,” explained Belmont County EMA Deputy Director Glenn Trudo. “You don’t want to be the open target in the field, so you want to get inside, get inside the vehicle, get inside your home, get out of the area until the storm passes over.”

Trudo also said it’s important to stay inside for 30 minutes after the last lightning strike.

He also explained lightning is hot. In fact it’s more than 50,000 degrees, which is hotter than the sun.

People in the Ohio Valley have been killed by lightning strikes.

In recent history, an inmate at the Belmont Correctional Institute and a fan at a soccer match in Carrolton died after they were struck by lightning.

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