The snow has been relentless Sunday/Monday.

The roads and sidewalks have been covered

That’s what Lou Vargo tells 7News about Ohio County.

And after making a few calls around the Northern Panhandle– it’s the same story for them.

“You prepare for the worst and you pray for the best. I do think it was a good night, said Lou Vargo

Ohio County didn’t necessarily get the worst but road conditions were less than ideal.

Vargo even says there were no major accidents in Ohio County.

‘There was just a few minor motor vehicle accidents. Other than that just our usual medical emergencies’, Vargo said

No major accident is a huge win. Especially when the interstates looked like this earlier this morning.

Back roads won’t get much better throughout the day.

If you absolutely need to go somewhere — Vargo says be prepared.

The same went for Marshall County.

Pretty quiet and nothing major.

Sheriff Bill Helms tells me they came out better than he predicted.

Chief Tim Cecil and his crew were dealing with in New Martinsville.

He says they were out all night clearing roads.

They measured 9 inches but no major accidents.

Vargo also says this is a very heavy snow.

If you have any shoveling to do, don’t strain yourself.

Do a little at a time or just wait until it melts.