Preparing for the first Presidential Debate tomorrow


(WTRF)- The first Presidential Debate is coming up tomorrow and to get us ready, we have both parties weighing in.

It is no doubt a historic election year! A heated debate is what America is expecting, and many are ready for President Trump and former Vice President Biden to deliver.

A night of important issues and intense discourse; the first Presidential Debate is happening tomorrow in Cleveland. It will be a momentous part of history amid the COVID-19 pandemic and in a time of palpable upheaval in America. Republicans want to see the President continue his accomplishments and are prepared for his taxes to claim the spotlight.

Elgine McArdle, Ohio County Republican Chairwoman, told 7News “he and his accountants did what was allowed by the law and there’s really nothing to be said about it there’s going to be a lot of rhetoric about Donald Trump being a liar- he clearly is not, the Supreme Court nomination is going to be a huge portion of this debate, it’s a choice between peace, prosperity, law and order, and sheer chaos the world has seen a lot of chaos and that’s not what America is and I’d like to see him emphasize his message.”

Tension seems to be growing between both parties. Democrats want Biden to show that he supports workers, and realize it’ll be a tough but important debate.

Ohio Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown said “I think that people always need to see the contrast and I think Biden is going to show that he’s a guy that grew up in Scranton in a working-class family, he will show he has not forgotten where he came from and that he really does understand the dignity of work, I think the debates will help crystallize and make clear who the two candidates are: their character, their background, their views, their values.”

Both will have 15 minutes to debate each topic chosen by moderator Chris Wallace. They range from the economy to race and violence in our cities, plus much more.

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