WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – If you aren’t asking for a partridge in a pear tree or turtle doves this Christmas, the Miracle League of the Ohio Valley may just change your mind. 

They have been preparing every Sunday for the last two months for their Twelve Days of Christmas musical performance on December 3 at Wheeling Park’s J.B. Chambers Performing Arts Center. 

The Miracle League started as adaptive baseball, and President Lorraine McCardle has turned the program into so much more. 

”They don’t get to do these things every day. This is something most of them have never done. You know, you just make it adaptable. These kids can do anything, and they want to.”

Lorraine McCardle – President, Miracle League of the Ohio Valley

Bridge Street Middle School Chorus and Theater Director, Julie Schultz, has seen these students’ hard work firsthand, and even has her own middle school students volunteering their time, as well. 

”To be able to have my students come over and be able to participate with them, it’s really given them a different perspective of, you know, the way performances can be different depending on ability.”

Julie Schultz – Chorus/Theater Director, Bridge Street Midde School

This program aligns with her philosophies on music education, which she says is that “anybody can make music.”

“This really brings that aspect home because no matter what anybody’s ability is, they can make music,” said Schultz. “They can be creative, and I think that’s what the best thing about this performance is.”

Brandy’s son is autistic and non-verbal, and she says that his unique way of getting his point across amazes her every day. 

Social interactions like these are what have helped him, and kids just like him grow and develop. 

”It’s just so important to me to keep giving him these experiences. He’s gotten better and better, and it used to be whenever we were in the gym with lots of noise, he would get really upset, but now, the noise doesn’t bother him so much and it’s just helping him to grow in ways that other experiences just don’t.”

Brandy Lackie – Parent/Volunteer

This performance packed with props, costumes, singing and dancing is designed to get you into the holiday spirit free of charge. 

They are accepting donations at their Twelve Days of Christmas performance this Saturday, December 3. It starts at 2pm at Wheeling Park’s J.B. Performing Arts Center.