OHIO COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF)- Did you know scammers are trying to capitalize on the pandemic?

Posing as contact tracers, they’re doing a lot of harm. It’s an unfortunate reality we’re faced with but scammers are taking advantage of this unsettled time, trying to steal your identity and money.

Contact tracers will always be affiliated with a government agency or authority. It’s typically a public health person, the national guard, or someone working on behalf of the state or county. It is not usually someone from the community or a nonprofit.

Howard Gamble, from the Wheeling-Ohio County Health Department, told 7News this is what contact tracers will ask you “who have you had contact with, what was the time frame, what’s their relation, do they have signs and symptoms, have they been tested, are they at work, so it’s a lot of questions about what they’re currently doing or what you’re currently doing as the individual who has tested positive some basic demographics, age, sex, and so on we’re not going to get too deep into questions.”

Legitimate contact tracers will not ask for money, bank numbers, or your social. If you receive a call from a tracer, ask them who they work for. If it sounds suspicious, call the county health department to verify.