Today Sheetz, announced it will start the new year by decreasing diesel fuel prices by 50 cents a gallon at each of its 665+ locations that offer this grade.

This reduction will result in a savings of approximately $10 for mid-size trucks, $12 for full-size trucks and $60 for semi-trailers. The offer officially starts today and ends on January 31, 2023.

Last September, Sheetz celebrated Truck Driver Appreciation Week by reducing diesel fuel prices to $4.49 a gallon for the entire month. Sheetz further showed its appreciation by offering truck drivers free meals in September.

During this offer, the price displayed at the pump is the final purchase price and reflects the price rollback.

Sheetz says this reduction will save commercial truck drivers approximately $60 for every fill up (assuming driver fills gas tank from ‘empty’ to ‘full’).