WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – The 9th annual pumpkin drop happened today!

This event allows students to think creatively while having fun. Fifth grade through 8th grade students were separated into 24 groups. They were each given a pumpkin and were tasked with trying to secure it well enough inside a box so that when it was dropped off of the school’s roof, it didn’t crack.

6 teams made it past the first round, and one team ended up on top in the second round.

This year’s winner’s were Michael, Matt, Luke, Finn, and Liam representing team 11.

I think anything now is about thinking outside the box, being creative, teamwork is huge. These kids have to learn to work with other people. So, they all had roles. They had project managers, they had material people. So, there was a lot of planning that had to go into it. Not just the fun part of watching the pumpkins get dropped off the roof.


We thought for one class period. We were pretty fast thinkers. Because we do have the smartest kid in the school right here.


The team won with a design that consisted on two boxes, pillows, blankets, bubble wrap, tape, and water bottles.

Each student on the team won a dairy queen gift card. The school would like to thank Jebbias for providing the pumpkins for the drop.