The National Weather Service said West Virginia and Ohio can see increased fire danger on Monday.

In a special weather statement, the National Weather Service said dry low-level air will continue to dry out fine dead fuels (primarily leaf litter) this afternoon/evening enhancing risk of fire starts.

Wind gusts of 15-25 mph this afternoon will promote the spread of any fires that occur.

 Any Fires That Start Could Spread And Become Out Of Control. Due To These Conditions, Outdoor Burning Is Not Recommended.

The National Weather Service advises keeping vehicles off dry grass, avoiding activities with open flames and sparks, and ensuring embers from overnight burning are completely extinguished.

The counties under the spectail weather statement include: Tuscarawas; Carroll; Columbiana; Coshocton; Harrison; Jefferson; Muskingum; Guernsey; Belmont; Noble; Monroe; Hancock; Brooke; Ohio; Marshall; Wetzel; Marion; Monongalia; Ridges of Eastern Monongalia and Northwestern Preston; Preston; Eastern Preston; Western Tucker; Eastern Tucker.