After almost a month of water issues and a do not use/ do not consume order the city of Paden City now has the authority to use and consume the water.

Officials say the mechanical failure in a by-pass value, that resulted in Tetrachloroethylene (PCE) in the water, has been fixed and the system has been thoroughly flushed.

Multiple samples have been allegedly collected to show results below the maximum containment level (MCL) Officials say it is still possible that low levels of PCE may be present in the water lines.

Officials say it is important to flush the lines in the home prior to consuming.

If you have health concerns, contact your primary care doctor or use an alternate source of drinking water, Paden City officials say.

Paden City says they will continue to flush and collect weekly samples over the next month to make sure the levels of PCE remain below the MCL.

The City also said they exploring other options to establish an emergency plan in the event of a failure in the future.

Below are the customer flushing recommendations: