WEST LIBERTY, W.Va. (WTRF) – During the spring time, flowers are out and usually the campus at West Liberty University is bustling with life. But with it now closed off, how will potential students get to tour campus?

A number of admission events, including Accepted Student Days, have been cancelled due to the pandemic. But that’s been turned around thanks to information at the click of a button.

They were really upset that events were cancelled but now they know that West Liberty is where they want to spend their next four years.

Aaron Kuhn, WLU Admissions Counselor

You’ll find current students talking about a day in the life, to an aerial tour of campus.

Any of the admission pages will give you the option to chat with us instantly. So, if you are a first-time student, transfer student, graduate student, international student, we have staff on there to help you address any questions you may have.

Aaron Kuhn, WLU Admissions Counselor

The push is now helping students and parents get an inside perspective through a screen.
U-Chat was just introduced last week, where inquiring students can text admissions counselors. It’s already reaching out-of-state.

So far it’s been a really good asset, we’ve had students as far as New Jersey reaching out to us and asking about general admission questions.

Aaron Kuhn, WLU Admissions Counselor

Even with everything going on, WLU Admissions Staff say numbers still look good for August!
And, they expect to see more local students in the fall, since, given the current crisis, the 2020 class may want to stay close to home. Summer plans also remain on.

As of now, we are still hoping to host freshman orientation and transfer registration on campus. We are prepared however, pending COVID-19 updates, to offer those in an online format to students.

Aaron Kuhn, WLU Admissions Counselor

West Lib doesn’t have a deadline thanks to a rolling application, which means students have all summer to get registered. And YouTube is helping the campus be seen in a whole new way.