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WPHS to receive more than $20 million in renovations


WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – Construction in Ohio County seems to be happening everywhere, but the roads aren’t the only thing being improved.

Thanks to the Ohio County Schools bond initiative passed last year in May, schools across the county are now receiving face-lifts and security improvements.

7News went to Wheeling Park High School Monday where a large portion of that over $60 million bond will be spent.

It’s expected that over $20 million of that bond will be used to make what they say are much needed improvements at Wheeling Park High School. Today they spoke with students from all classes at park to discuss what changes they want to see happen.

In May of 2018 they called it an investment in our future. Well-that future is now. Renovations are underway at many schools across the county like Madison and Bridge Street. But now-they’re preparing for one of the largest renovations of the bond, and their asking for the students help.

They’re our most valuable asset here. So, we really want to make them happy. This is a representation of a lot of freshman, so they’re going to be here through all of the work. So, I really want them to be a part of it as it progresses. And them some upperclassmen that we have a lot of respect for even though they won’t be here for it. I need their opinion because they just lived it.


They talked about many things they needed to update– Media areas, music rooms, outdoor facilities, and even the possibility of a common area special to just seniors.

Some of the outdoor spaces, the turf, where to put that, some of the things with this whole space that we’re in right now. So, the media center is all getting renovated, so we need to hear from them a little bit about that, a little bit about the science rooms, and the music area.


But not all the updates are being used to make their school higher tech or more beautiful. Some are for functionality-like the temporary walls that split some classrooms.

We’ve got new HVAC stuff, so everything has gotten quieter and more comfortable that way. Now if we can get it quieter with noise from classroom to classroom, and we updated all the lighting, the LED lighting, then now we have an optimal learning space for the kids.


The kids are the ones who need a sufficient learning area to excel in school. So, they made sure to consider each and every suggestion.

There’s some things I’d like to get done. You know, I’m involved in some sports like cross country and track, so I’m down at the track a lot and there’s some work I’d like to have done down there. There’s work in some of the classrooms. Like I said, the temporary walls you can hear classes going on at the same time. The sound travelling is kind of a big issue.


Some ideas that we’re tossed around for the media center was a mixture between a place with a Starbucks type feel and a tech centered area. The renovations will help to better secure all entries of the school and make for a more welcoming front entrance.

Stick with 7news as we continue to bring you the latest on this story.

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