New Martinsville, WV, (WTRF) – When you think of Magnolia High School or the city of New Martinsville, West Virginia, you’d be hard-pressed not to bring up the name Dave Cisar. After 50 years as the Blue Eagles baseball and one time football coach, he announced he was retiring. Cisar was honored at a ceremony that took place at the Lincoln Theater in the city. People like New Martinsville city officials, former players and Magnolia alum, as well as friends and family were in attendance or went to the podium to speak nothing but praise for the 2012 inductee into the West Virginia Baseball Coaches Association Hall of Fame.

“I’m in shock. Honest to God, to see all of the people come in here and many of my ex-players coming in and talking to me,” Cisar said.

“I just think it was incredible life lessons more so than the X’s and O’s of coaching and he was a great coach but a better teacher; a better life coach,” Former Magnolia Athlete Mike Dawson said.

Cisar wouldn’t trade his time for the world and New Martinsville is where he will stay.

“I’m happy here. Being at Magnolia High School al of these years, its been wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. With the principals, with the students and so forth, with the coaches, and players, I’ve enjoyed every day of it,” Cisar said.