It’s been a rough week for two 13-year-old Italian Greyhounds but the Marshall County Animal Shelter is making sure they do everything they can to help.

Pepper and Emma Jean have made their way to the animal shelter under very sad and heart-wrenching circumstances, the Marshall County Animal Shelter wrote in a Facebook post.

The post continued to say that, “the two greyhounds spent their whole 13 years being absolutely loved and adored by their owners but this past week, they went through the loss of one of their owners.”

The animal shelter expressed how they couldn’t imagine the grief the dogs were going through having just lost half of the only family they have ever known.

Then as if that wasn’t terribly life-changing enough, a week later their other owner had passed away leaving the two alone and confused, the animal shelter said.

With no family able to care for them, they have made their way to the animal shelter.

“The absolute lease we can do for these pups is not only make sure they find new homes, but that they find a home together.”

“They have been through more changes in the past week than they have ever had to cope with their whole lives, and we will do anything we need to make sure they get the happy ending they deserve.”

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