Before we sit down for that long awaited Thanksgiving meal dieticians want to make sure you don’t over-stuff yourself.

While that may be hard to do, there’s ways to still eat while watching your health. Eat the rainbow they say.

That means eat your fruits, veggies and of course that turkey.

Also, we’re all probably saving as much room as possible to dig in.

Dieticians says going to the table on an empty stomach may be a bad idea.

Historically people think Thanksgiving dinner is coming I’m going to save it all for that dinner. It’s actually better to eat small meals through the day in order to allow your body to digest and prevent yourself from overeating.

Jill Spangler | WVU Medicine Reynolds Memorial Hospital

If you hate feeling bloated and sluggish after the meal, here’s a tip. Try and slow down when you’re eating.
Sometimes we eat so fast we don’t notice how much we’re eating.