DALLAS, W.Va. (WTRF) — A table filled with food and a garage packed with supplies.

This is just a glimpse at days of generosity flowing into a Marshall County town in its time of need.

Each day this week, the Dallas Volunteer Fire Department has become a place of comfort, after a tornado brought normal life to a standstill.

People have been very generous with their chainsaws and everything, we can’t ask for a better outpouring than what we’ve received.

Pastor George, Dallas Community Presbyterian Church

After winds of up to 120 miles per hour Monday night, homes were destroyed and limbs and shingles littered the grass.

Hundreds were left without power, and even today roads are still impassable from debris.

As soon as the need was known, residents knew just what to do.

They set up a buffet table stuffed with perogies, fruit desserts and anything else to bring welcoming to a hurting community.

Aunt Nancy will call, Pastor George will call, somebody gets a hold of somebody who gets a hold of somebody, and within minutes we have fresh baked everything.

Becky, Resident of Dallas

Today, Marshall County’s Health Department made their own contribution.

While no one was hurt in the severe weather, there have been a couple of cleanup-related injuries…and tetanus shots will come in handy.

Hepatitis A vaccines were also available upon request.

Whatever we need to do to meet the needs of the community, we’ll do it.

Vicki Allender, RN, Marshall County Health Department

It’s a philosophy that the surrounding counties are following as well.

Volunteers say donations have come south from Moundsville, west from Wheeling and east from Washington, Pennsylvania.

They mentioned strangers stopping to freely give hundreds of their own money.

With a stocked stash of supplies and DOH crews revving up their cranes, they say all they’re in need of now are your prayers.

This is a wonderful, wonderful community. They have just worked together and it’s just amazing to see that.

Vicki Allender, RN, Marshall County Health Department

There are so many people who are helping, and I think that really the adrenaline is what keeps everybody going. And the caffeine.

Pastor George, Dallas Community Presbyterian Church