MARSHALL COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) — While most teachers are on vacation, his work is just getting busy!  

That is why this month’s Golden Apple Awards took our cameras way beyond the classroom and into a construction zone.

John Marshall’s Mr. Allender was selected as the next Golden Apple Award Winner.

When we were on COVID, he couldn’t stand it. So, he put on a Go-Pro and did all of his lessons hands-on with his Go-Pro on. But you could ask probably anyone that’s ever had Mr. Allender and they absolutely love taking this class. They learn so much from him.

Principal Cassie Porter, John Marshall High School

Put the pieces together? Mr. Allender teaches ‘Home Mechanics’… But it is a little more than that. 

Steve Lohri, owner of Steve Lohri Contracting, LLC, considers it a blessing to have spent countless summers with Mr. Allender, or ‘Dave’ in June and July. 

Dave and I worked together, off and on, every summer for probably close to 23 years.

About 15 or 16 years ago, I asked him if he had any students that would be interested in working. And, he would bring me one student along with him every summer. And I watched him mentor these kids year after year. He was awesome. And what patience he has. He has the patience of Job. That’s something I don’t have.

Steve Lohri, Contractor

When they graduate, it gives them a pretty good skillset to where they can go into their own house and be pretty handy and do a lot of things for themselves.

David Allender, Golden Apple Winner

With 11 years under his toolbelt at John Marshall, Mr. Allender is preparing teens for the real world. But he does not just inspire his students. Ella and Taya think their dad is their handy-dandy superhero. The whole family hid out with our news cameras to surprise their favorite person.

He’s the last person on earth that would ever expect to get this award. He doesn’t like praise or recognition. We’re just very proud of him and lucky he’s ours.

Krenna Allender, wife of Golden Apple Winner

Mr. Allender says he will probably spend his check on electrical supplies for the students.