MARSHALL COUNTY (WTRF) — He’s the man who is liked by everyone. Student, teachers, co-workers and parents.

Now John Marshall High School’s head of maintenance is one of ten finalists statewide for the West Virginia School Service Personnel of the Year.

Jeff Coleman always has a smile for everybody and says theres no sense in acting grumpy. Even a bad day is actually pretty good.

He works to keep the school sparkling and running smoothly and even attends the concerts, shows, and games the students are in.

He says he sees the practices and he likes to see the finished product.

You know you see the band start out and then as they progress and then you go see a concert or see a play and the same with the athletics. You see ’em out back just running and what have you and all of a sudden you go down and see how good they are on the court or in the field and it’s nice to see the kids perform.

Jeff Coleman, JMHS Head of Maintenance

He also helped distribute food during the pandemic to students and their families.

Colleagues praise his work ethic and his kindness.

Jeff says in maintenance, you never get to do what you planned, something else always needs your attention.