MARSHALL COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) — If you’ve been on a jury in Marshall County in the last 34 years, you have Joe Rucki to thank for keeping things running smoothly.

Now attorneys statewide are offering up acclaim for the longtime public servant’s work.

Rucki has been named the 2022 Circuit Court Clerk of the Year by the West Virginia Association for Justice.

Wheeling attorney Clayton Fitzsimmons nominated him for the award, which he won out of more than four dozen candidates.

Despite his perfect record filling jury panels over his career, he says he was overwhelmed when he got the news.

I had to sit down. I was at home, I got the call, it was June 24th, it was 5 o’clock. I’ll never forget it. Beth White called me and said ‘just want to let you know, you won the award.’ You know, it’s 55 counties, 55 circuit clerks. So it’s a long shot. And it meant a lot, it really did.

Joe Rucki, Marshall County Circuit Clerk

Rucki tells us his favorite part of the job is meeting people who put their lives on hold to take part in the justice system.

He says he’s lucky to have never had to leave Marshall County during his career…and says he never will.