GLEN DALE, W.Va. (WTRF) — A local organization is making a huge impact on our community, one family at a time.

Kathy’s House was founded in memory of Kathy Criswell-Martin who was a nurse in the Ohio Valley that helped everyone she could in any way.

Now, the house is meeting its main goal, serving as a home to families and patients in need of comfort.

It was a horrific event for the Thomas family when they saw their house go up in flames. It wasn’t until they met a group of people in the community that helped them get back on their feet and into a second place, they call home. 

”We weren’t sure where we were going to go, you know, and they reached out. They offered this home to us. And this is this has been home for the last seven months.”

Chris Thomas – Resident, Kathy’s House

The support from Kathy’s house and many others in the community is something that the Thomas family was extremely grateful for. 

”We saw so much greatness from it, post-fire from everyone in this valley just that rallied around and it’s something you don’t get outside of if you lived in a city somewhere.”

Chris Thomas – Resident, Kathy’s House

The daughter of Chris and Amanda says that having a second home to live in is something that she appreciates very much.

”It’s been a blessing, a true blessing for the Kathy’s House for letting us stay here.”

Ayla Thomas – Daughter of Chris and Amanda Thomas

Kathy’s House was created to serve those in need of any help just as Kathy Criswell-Martin did throughout her life before she passed unexpectedly in 2016.

”Wherever we can, spread some kindness to people, that’s what we want to do. So we started in January of 17 and have come a long way since then.”

Jane Criswell – Co-Director, Kathy’s House

The Thomas family says that they want to spread the good that Kathy’s House is doing for not just them, but the community as a whole.   

”I’m a big proponent now of Kathy’s House and I look forward to, you know, really helping them raise funds and to allow to provide for maybe the next family that needs it.”

Chris Thomas – Resident, Kathy’s House

The main purpose of Kathy’s house is to provide a place that feels like home for families and patients at Reynolds Memorial Hospital and in the surrounding community.

Chris is also a realtor in the Ohio Valley. If you’re looking to buy, sell, or have any questions you can get ahold of Chris here.