GLEN DALE, W.Va. (WTRF) – This time of year usually comes with reflection.

On what 2021 has brought us, and where we hope 2022 will take us.

That’s especially true for Kathy’s House Foundation. They saw a dream that was years in the making come true, but as the new year begins, they know the biggest part of their journey to help Marshall County is ahead.

It’s been a very busy last couple months.

Kenn Criswell, Kathy’s House Foundation

Leading up to those busy months were years of hard work to take Kathy’s House from a movement to a permanent home.

The hospitality house will help those in need in Marshall County….from families of patients at the hospital looking for a place to stay, to those who may be displaced by disaster.

That could be people whose families are at the hospital. It could be veterans in need. We plan on reaching out to numerous veterans organizations after the holidays to see what sort of short-term housing needs they have.

Kenn Criswell, Kathy’s House Foundation

Now that there’s a space in Glen Dale for people to stay, some renovation work must begin. First on the list is to make Kathy’s House ADA accessible.

Then we’re also going to have to widen the doorways, do some floor coverings and renovate the bathrooms so it will also be handicapped accessible.

Kenn Criswell, Kathy’s House Foundation

The foundation team also hopes to turn the basement into a second living space.

It’s not just Kathy’s House under this roof. There’s also Pete’s Garage and Noah’s Pantry, which feeds the community.

Food, dry goods, can goods, we even have a refrigerator full of turkeys.

Kenn Criswell, Kathy’s House Foundation

With the hope of a new year and future donations to come this effort may expand to help those in other parts of the Ohio Valley.

We want to continue to expand the region scope of the geographic area that we serve, and we do want it to be a year-round, year-round situation where we can take care of those people at any time.

Kenn Criswell, Kathy’s House Foundation

If you’d like to help Kathy’s House reach its goals for 2022, just visit their Facebook page to donate and keep up with future fundraising events. The team said they are hopeful all their favorite community events for Kathy’s House will be back in full force for 2022.