Next stop, Safety Town….

Teaching children about basic safety precautions is the idea behind a program near and dear to WVU Medicine Reynold’s Memorial Hospital.

For more than 30 years, the hospital has been hosting the annual program they call Safety Town.

It is sponsored by the hospital for 10 days each summer at the cost of $30.

The program, which is designed for three- and four-year-old children, is taught by the communications and marketing team in addition to instructors and students of the B.M. Spurr School of Practical Nursing.

“They really learn about safety in the community; how to call 911 properly, how to engage and interact with police and fire departments, safety tips around the house that they can use at a young age and it’s extremely beneficial for them.”

Douglass Harrison, President & CEO, WVU Medicine Reynolds Memorial Hospital

Harrison says this year Safety Town is being held honor of former board member Norm Stenger.

A graduation ceremony and reception will take place on the last day of the class.

Family and friends are invited to attend.