MARSHALL COUNTY, W.Va (WTRF) – For the golfers, it’s the ball that goes into the woods that causes outrage on the course. For kids playing in the yard, it’s the ball that goes across the road or into the neighbor’s yard. For frisbee golfers, it’s missing the mark and seeing the disk sailing into the trees. 

But their loss is a furry friend’s gain.  

Daisy is a four-year-old, classic Labrador Retriever who is proud to show off her frisbee collection at Grand Vue Park.  

Daisy enjoying the sun surrounded by all the frisbee’s she has retrieved.

Every day, rain or shine, Kelly Mason and Daisy walk about five miles through Grand Vue Park. On these daily walks, Daisy sometimes goes on an adventure of her own and returns with a souvenir.  

“Daisy, my yellow Labrador retriever has a nose for finding discs. We will be walking through the park and her nose will go up. She can smell ‘em, and she just goes off. She could go off 30 yards through the multiflorosa, the high weeds. And here she comes with a disc.” 

Kelly Mason, Daisy’s Owner

Daisy started retrieving frisbee golf discs about three years ago, and since she’s found about 140 of them with no plans of stopping anytime soon.  

Mason says when her pup first started doing this, she was both shocked and proud.

“Every time I come up here, you know, I hope she finds them. I mean, sometimes she’ll find three or four a day. And then she’ll go three or four weeks without finding any. So, whenever her nose is busy, she finds them.” 

Kelly Mason, Daisy’s Owner

But what is there to do with all of Daisy’s trophies? Grand Vue Park and Mason teamed up to create a program called “Daisy’s Discs.”

“Normally when park staff finds them or when our park guests find them, all of them are turned into the into the barn area. Some discs that have names on them, we (the park) call them, and people are able to come and pick them up. During that time, they can make a donation to Daisy’s Discs and that that money will fund the Marshall County Animal Rescue League. If discs are found and there’s no name on them and we’ve had them for a long period of time, and nobody has claimed them, the park will sell them for a very low amount and that money will go back into the disc golf course.”  

Ben Bolock, Assistant General Manager at Grand Vue Park

Helping others, makes Daisy truly a “good girl.”  

“She loves all people, and she loves dogs. And she lives with three cats. She loves cats. She’s a lover.” 

Kelly Mason, Daisy’s Owner

“Grand Vue Park is just lucky to have a dog like Daisy walking on the trails and walk around the course to, you know, to make sure that property gets back to their owners. And that’s a cool thing. You know, we have a lot of people that make sure that happens. It’s nice to have an animal that’s making sure that happens.” 

Ben Bolock, Assistant General Manager at Grand Vue Park

Daisy also brought her best friend Zoey with her. They met each other at just 12 weeks old at their obedience training class and have been inseparable since.  

So, if you decide to go frisbee disc golfing at Grand Vue Park, don’t fret about losing a disc. Daisy will more than likely retrieve it for you.