GLEN DALE, W.Va. (WTRF) — A local teacher was just surprised by the governor of West Virginia, thanking her for making the Mountain State *sound* wonderful! 

Glen Dale Elementary Music Teacher Kathleen Fox says she was not expecting such prestigious recognition during the first competition in the West Virginia Governor’s Cup Marching Band series. 

She was called to the 50-yard line and thanked by the governor’s team for her exceptional presentation delivered at the National Music Conference back in March. 

“We can’t just push the arts to the sideline. Truly and truly we need to keep the arts front and center.” 

Gov. Jim Justice, (R) West Virginia, portion of presentation

But Kathleen says, while she’s filled many roles in the state music association, it is a collaboration with Marshall County Schools to create something that looks like a news production.

“I think Governor Justice was just really happy that we were able to put such a positive note of recognition to our state.” 

Kathleen Fox, Glen Dale Elementary Teacher

She now has a certificate of appreciation. But looking at her Glen Dale Elementary classroom filled to the brim with music equipment, Kathleen says that the major key to success is being tuned in to relationships.