A local teacher has turned his love of reading into a passion project to inspire his students, and his daughter.

WHEELING, W.Va (WTRF) — Trey Zambito is an 8th grade English teacher at Moundsville Middle School, and wrote a children’s book, inspired by the spirit of adventure….and a very special Australian Shepard named Fiji.

On a day like National Puppy Day, it’s hard to deny that there are few things in this world more special than the relationship between a child, and a trusty K-9 companion.

Adventures with Fiji tells the simple story about a little boy and his dog, with a focus on the limitless potential of imagination. And the book’s dynamic duo are certainly imaginative. Their adventures feature swashbuckling pirates, dinosaurs, and the pair even have to rescue a princess from a dragon. And while the book is fictional, Fiji herself, is very much real.

Trey Zambito says that choosing this Australian Shepard was an easy choice. Not only does Fiji adore little kids, she even takes it upon herself to protect them; whether she’s known the child for a long time, or if they’ve just met.

But while Fiji might grab most of the attention, Trey’s true inspiration for this book was his young daughter Gia. Not only does this little girl love story time, for Trey, the idea of having a book his daughter can read that he wrote and dedicated to her is the greatest thing in the world.

But this book isn’t just a love letter to a great dog and his little girl. Trey hopes the book will inspire children, and inspire their parents to read to them more often. As a teacher one of his primary goals is to get his students to love reading. If they can do that, he hopes those skills will allow them to find the things they are truly passionate about.