CAMERON, W.Va. (WTRF) — They’ve got the ring, the ring announcer, and the wrestler…

Things are really coming together for an event that’s happening this weekend in Marshall County.

The Legends Pro Wrestling organization is hosting a benefit to help a Cameron woman who is battling cancer.

Their friend, Brenda Magdich, was recently diagnosed with colon cancer.

So, the Legends Pro Wrestling organization decided to help Brenda in her fight.

The benefit is taking place at the Annex Building in Cameron on Saturday, October 7th starting at 7 PM.

The King of Legends Mr. 8 X 10 himself stopped by our 7News Studio Thursday morning to get the word out about the wrestling event.

All of the proceeds raised will help pay for some of Brenda’s medical expenses.

Every ticket matters. Brenda Magdich is, not only a friend to Legends Pro Wrestling, she happens to be the real life girlfriend of Mr. 8 X 10, yours truly Allan Decker, and we need all the support in the Ohio Valley we can get. So, please get your ticket because medical costs will not go away.

Allan Decker, The King of Legends Mr. 8 X 10

WWE Hall of Famer, Mr. USA, Tony Atlas, will be at the event.

There will be plenty of food and concessions available at the event.

Kids five and under are free.

General admission is $10 with ringside tickets at $15.

Tickets are being sold at Dragon Mart in Cameron or simply go to the Legends Pro Wrestling Facebook fan page.

Organizers of the event say the Friends Church of St. Clairsville helped to make this event possible.