Marshall County, WV (WTRF)-It’s the first day back for Marshall County Monarchs, and there’s one less thing the kids are required to bring back this year: a mask.

There’s no mask mandate for the district. It’s all optional. School officials say cleaning and sanitizing will continue to be a priority and will stay as safe as possible, while going back to a sense of normalcy.

It’s an exciting day that even John Marshall High School Principal Cassie Porter couldn’t wait to see the kids in-person again.

“Just to get back to our normal, it’s amazing! If they’re at home learning on their own, they don’t always get the same circumstances to learn in, so it’s much better to see them here, and then we can make sure they’re getting the skill sets they need one-on-one.”

Principal Cassie Porter, John Marshall High School

John Marshall Principal Porter says in-person learning helps with team building and socializing skills as well.

She’s also excited to see all the activities, clubs, and games the kids get involved in this year.