MARSHALL COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) — The Marshall County Animal Shelter is temporarily closing its kennel due to a ringworm infection, per an announcement on their Facebook page Friday.

The shelter says ringworm is typically not a major issue and is easily treated, but since they have more than 70 animals on site, they are taking precautions to halt spread of the infection.

The building will be quarantined and emptied then cleaned and sanitized. They will discard all items that can’t be sanitized, such as blankets, towels and fabric toys and cat trees. They would appreciate donations of new items to replace these. Please drop donations off any time on the shelter’s front porch.

They also ask for the public’s patience in returning calls and messages and processing applications during this time. They will be busy with extra cleaning and sanitizing duties.

Vaccine and surgery appointments will not be effected and will stay as scheduled.

They appreciate the public’s donations and patience as they work to keep the shelter animals healthy.