MARSHALL COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) – Marshall County Assessor Eric Buzzard has recently switched his political party affiliation from Democrat to Republican to in his words – “align himself with the leadership not only in Charleston, but across the state.” 

Buzzard was a registered Democrat and was elected assessor as a Democrat in 2020.  

He says that the switch comes from the different dynamics of politics today and wanting to best serve Marshall County and represent his constituents at a higher level as he sits as co-chair on two state assessing committees. 

Buzzard feels an assessor should be approachable, reasonable and fair and political party should not affect the way he does his job. 

”By being affiliated with the Leadership Party. I think that I’ll be better received and be able to represent Marshall County with any taxing issues that could come up in over a year’s time. There’s many changes that go on that affect taxes and I think that being on the front line adjoined joined with the Leadership Party, I’ll be able to represent us better and be that added voice in Charleston to our already good representation we are seeing from our current senators and delegates.”

Eric Buzzard – Assessor, Marshall County

This switch came as a disappointment to the Marshall County Democratic Executive Committee. 

Chairwoman Barbara Scott says that Mr. Buzzard is quote, “unprepared for the consequences of his decisions.” 

She believes he did what he thinks might be expedient for him in the coming election, but he should be answerable to the taxpayers of Marshall County. 

Buzzard says there are always concerns that not everyone will be happy, but this decision is what he believes is the best move for the county moving forward.