MARSHALL COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) — She’s the person who knows everything about elections, but Tuesday in commission she announced her retirement!

Long-time Marshall County Clerk Jan Pest told 7NEWS that her vacation home in Florida is calling her name!
Around the announcement of her retirement, Pest told commission Tuesday morning that she’s a phone call away. Commission President John Gruzinskas jokingly asked if 7NEWS got that on camera… We did.

Pest has been the Marshall County Clerk for 17 years and was in the office for 17 years before that. She just turned 70 and has Florida living on her mind.

So Tuesday, commission named Melanie Madden as the new clerk.

I certainly have huge shoes to fill. We have an upcoming election and that’s going to be a whole new ballgame with new machines; getting our office and all our poll officials trained on them.

Melanie Madden, New Marshall County Clerk

It comes at an immediate time as just recently the office was tasked with re-arranging precincts; dropping from 37 to 35. But as she gets ready to leave, is that the biggest challenge the county clerk has faced over the years?

I think the last election was the most challenging ever. It might have pushed me towards retirement.
But prior to that is when we changed the machines and we went to the IVotronics from the punch card system.

Jan Pest, Retiring Marshall County Clerk

Jan says she has all the confidence in the world for Melanie, who was the previously the chief deputy in the office.

Jan’s main piece of advice to the new clerk is be patient.

December 31st is Jan’s last day.