MARSHALL COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF)–This Marshall County clerk has been serving his county for more than three decades and his service has not gone unnoticed. 

Joseph Rucki started working for the county back in 1988 and today serves as the Mashall County Circuit Clerk. 

He has been named West Virginia Clerk of the year by the West Virginia Association of Trial Lawyers.  

He says he absolutely loves his job and can’t imagine doing anything else.  

After 34 years I asked him what the biggest lesson he learned while in this position.   

You have to be nice to people. The taxpayers of this county are paying our wages like I say and repeat every time, we’re more public servants and we have to take care of them that’s our job…She said you won the award, and my emotions went off the chart they really kid. Nobody was home and for all these years I just couldn’t even believe it.

Joseph Rucki, Circuit Clerk of the Year, Marshall County Circuit Clerk

He says he is extremely thankful for the award and  attributes his success to the wonderful team he has by his side.  

He is running for another year and hopes to continue holding his position.  

The West Virginia Association of Trial Lawyers will honor him with an award ceremony in a few weeks.