MARSHALL COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF)– Homes across the Ohio Valley were damaged in Monday night’s storm, leaving countless residents without power in Dallas, West Virginia.

Some residents say it was a quiet storm.

That it snuck up on them but the tornado itself was ruthless.

Over on Dallas Pike Road, a family’s barn was turned upside-down by the twister.

The Wade family says although their century-old barn is gone, they can’t help but be grateful.

As you enter their driveway, trees and electrical lines block the path.  

Barn siding lay along the road, and equipment litters the field.  

Amy Wade says the tornado struck before her phone even alerted her.  

I was watching and said wow that’s an updraft and then next I noticed it sort of on the left of it was starting to swirl but there was nothing on the right, so I didn’t think it was anything to be concerned about.

Amy Wade, Property Owner

In the blink of an eye, Amy and her family found themselves rushing to put the animals away and get everyone inside safe.  

That’s when they saw the tornado rush between her and her parent’s home. 

Obviously the first thing was to check and make sure that my parents were fine and praise God they were. It’s amazing the barn behind us that was destroyed is probably 300 yards from the house and there’s a large piece of metal sheeting wrapped around a tree that is less than 10 feet off their front porch and we can’t find any damage to the house.

I mean stuff everywhere, so now this morning we’re just working on cleaning up the horse’s field first so we can put the horse back out. The cattle took off. We got him stopped. We’ve got fence down everywhere.

Amy Wade, Property Owner

The Wade family has been positive following the storm because Amy says it could have been much worse. 

Glancing at the road, you can see how the tornado hopped along the mountains, destroying one property and skipping another.  

Many families and businesses are still without power and continue to clean up all the damage the storm has left behind.