The Glen Dale Police Department is calling it a classic case of road rage that put one man in the hospital for near two weeks.

On March 29, around 3:30 PM, Lt. Gary Myers tells 7NEWS two motorists got into a heated chase north of Glen Dale. He says Motorist #1 was driving recklessly, leading to Motorist #2 becoming angry.

The road rage came to a boiling point when Motorist #2 parked his car in the John Marshall school zone. There he left his car in the middle of Route 2 to aggressively confront Motorist #1.

Seeing this, Motorist #1 set his car in reverse. But it is alleged Motorist #2 reached through the open driver’s side window and grabbed the steering wheel. This is where Lt. Myers said the road rage took a turn for the worse.

Witnesses say Motorist #2 was run over by the car of Motorist #1.

He was rushed to the hospital with severe injuries. Two weeks later, and two surgeries later, he is alive after a crushed lower back, broken foot and a broken leg.

The lieutenant says the outcome could have been much worse.

The Glen Dale Police Department says charges are pending for both motorists but they are holding off until Motorist #2 fully recovers.

They say you can expect reckless driving to be one of the charges.

Lt. Myers says if one of the motorists called 911 before things escalated, this all could have been avoided.