MARSHALL COUNTY, W.Va. — Marshall County Schools is preparing to renew the current operating levy.

The full levy can be viewed at

Marshall County Schools superintendent Dr. Shelby Haines met with representatives from the Marshall County Health Department, Marshall County Public Libraries and the Marshall County WVU Extension Service Thursday morning.

Marshall County BOE President John Miller and BOE Vice-President Christie Robison also attended the meeting.

The operating levy will be on the ballot on Tuesday, November 8 in the general election. It includes $500,000 yearly funding for library services through the public/county libraries of Benwood, Cameron and Moundsville.

The levy provides $100,00 each year to the Marshall County Health Department. The WVU Extension Service also receives $75,000 of levy funds every year.

For the school district, the levy provides funding to support daily operations such as free breakfasts and lunches for every student, technology, fuel and employee benefits.

It also provides backing to support supplemental services including social workers, resource officers, a nurse in every school, additional counselors above the state aid formula, music equipment and vocational supplies/personnel.

The voters of Marshall County have renewed this levy every five years since 1959. School officials say renewal of this levy will not raise taxes.

Marshall County Schools runs the levy ay 86% which is the lowest levy rate in the Northern Panhandle. Ohio County is currently run at 95.5%. Forty-four West Virginia counties currently have operating levies.

The current Marshall County operating levy expires June 30, 2023, and the upcoming levy will run for five years beginning July 1, 2023.