MARSHALL COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) — Students from one local high school took part in hosting a blood drive this afternoon and it couldn’t come at a better time.

Officials from Vitalent, who supplies blood to several local hospitals, say donations tend to decline near the holidays. That’s why todays blood drive at John Marshall comes at a crucial time.

It’s the first of two blood drives to take place at the school this year. A scholarship is awarded to one senior who puts in the most effort and shows the most leadership in planning the blood drive.

” John Marshall is one of our best high schools. We have two blood drives a year here. This is the first. They are earning high school scholarship, which is college scholarship money through their blood drives. So they have two a year and we collect about a hundred or so units every year. “

– Rachel Bennett – Account Manger, Vitalant

“It lets the student know that they can sign up and donate as long as they are over 16 because most of them won’t go out and donate in the community, so when it is at your school it raises more awareness. And there is a shortage of blood so it’s always good to host one.”

– Sierra Taylor – Senior, John Marshall High School

There is no specific date set for the second blood drive but school officials say is will take place sometime in March.