MCMECHEN, W.Va. (WTRF) — He says he was expecting a normal 12-hour day when he came into work.

But McMechen Police Chief Don DeWitt was in for a hero’s welcome at the municipal building.

A citation with his name on it was presented by Delegate Charlie Reynolds, in honor of his many 7-day work weeks.

He puts in a lot of hours working here in the police department, they’re short-handed, understaffed.

Del. Charles Reynolds, (R)-Marshall County

Nicknamed ‘Double D,’ DeWitt has been known to Marshall County his entire career.

Beginning with Moundsville in 1998, he worked his way up to become a detective sergeant.

He considered stepping away after 20 years, but decided his public service wasn’t over just yet.

Retired briefly for about 10 days, and decided I needed to come back to work.

Chief Don DeWitt, McMechen Police

That opportunity presented itself in nearby McMechen.

DeWitt has led the department through staffing shortages, working patrol while taking care of administrative tasks like scheduling.

When we asked what he was most proud of, his answer didn’t mention his many accomplishments, but rather his demeanor.

Where others seem to get upset, maybe yell and scream, I take a step back and try to be friendly.

Chief Don DeWitt, McMechen Police

Delegate Reynolds says putting the spotlight on everyday hard work is one of his priorities—and it’s not just reserved for those who wear the badge.

I don’t care if you’re a police officer, you’re the chief of police or you’re the garbage man. If you have done your duty and put in your time and you’re worthy, you’re going to get a citation from me.

Del. Charles Reynolds, (R)-Marshall County

Chief DeWitt says what he loves about Marshall County is their ability to come together in times of emergencies.

And today, they showed they can come together for him as well.